Our staff are all volunteers. They are dedicated to preservation of the history of DeKalb County MO.

To engage in all activities as permitted by Chapter 355 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri for corporation engaged in educational, civic, patriotic, cultural, literary and historical purposes 

To discover and memorialize in the history of the County of De Kalb, State of Missouri and the surrounding area; to discover, purchase, commission or otherwise like, which shed light on the history of the region; to discover, procure, preserve physical objects that may relate to the history of the region; to establish and maintain a museum on land leased or owned by the society; to hold regular meetings and other activities for the recreation and instruction of the members and of the general public.

Adopted by the De Kalb County Historical Society Board August 4, 2010.

Our Staff

Our Mision Statement

2019 - 2020 OFFICERS

President - Sharon Martin

Vice President Martha Shireman

2nd Vice President Buelah McManus

Recording Secretary Margie Bray

Corresponding Secretary Barbara Owen

Treasurer Linda Walker

Financial Secretary Betty Vinson

President Emeritus Earlene Vaughn 1987 - 1989

President Emeritus Ruth Owen 1989 - 2003


Museum -* Kenneth Rhodes, Roberta Dice

Heritage -  * Beulah Mc Manus, John & Sharon Murphy, Joyce & Bert Sherard Karen Anderson, Janice bennett

Membership - *Buelah Mc Manus, Sharon Murphy, Martha Shireman, Janice Bennett

Memorial Fund - *Joyce Sherard

Genealory - *, Wilma Owen,  Chet Owen, Joyce Shirk, Helena & Frank Pettijohn, Charlotte Carpenter

Records Preservation - * Chet Owen

Building - ^Chet Owen Ken Rhodes, Gene Newkirk, Charles Martin, Galen Castor,  Frank Pettijohn, Mike Wolf, Roger Bennett

Heritage Park -  Vola Castle, Gene Newkirk Frank Pettijohn

Financial - * Sharon Martin, Martha Shireman, Linda Walker, Betty Vinson, Anne Wolfe


Adams - Ken & Margie Bray

Camden - Kyle Bridgeman, Vola Castle, Judith Colhour

Colfax - Anne Wolfe, Noma Vaughn

Dallas - Mike & Carol Wolf, Harold & Jackie Allison

Grand River - Wilma Owen, Keith Meek

Grant - Marilyn Haley, Marilyn Mc Millen & Kelly Mc Millen

Polk - John Jr. & Rose Hutchcraft

Sherman - June Lippold, Joyce Shirk

Washington - Sharon Murphy, Joe Stevenson

* Chairman